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Tax Update  July 24, 2014
Many non-profit organizations are apprehensive about getting started with cloud-based technologies due to concerns related to data security and migration costs. However, the main obstacle to implementation is a lack of knowledge about this technology. Read More

NFP E-News Update  July 17, 2014
Workplace giving is a critical part of the nonprofit sector. Almost 4 billion dollars in donations are given to nonprofits every year via workplace giving. However, continually shifting trends in donations indicate nonprofits must figure out ways to ensure employees will keep giving. Read More

NFP E-News Update  July 3, 2014
For those non-profits willing to put in the necessary research, crowdfunding may be an ideal addition to normal fundraising efforts. Read More


About Blue [ Our Values ]


We are responsive. We are caring. We are advocates. We serve our clients with unquestioned professionalism and confidentiality. Because no one wants to see you succeed more than we do. And as we explore new opportunities to achieve and exceed your goals, we do so with reverence to the value your past success holds.

The best people. Working with the best technology. Performing at the highest standards. This is why Blue goes so well with so many different clients. Through continuously rejuvenating and growing our unique knowledge and talent base, you'll get exactly what you deserve: Our maximum effort to deliver outstanding service.

Blue & Co. means genuine success.
We strive to achieve genuine success for our clients and ourselves. It's something you can see in our work and in our eyes. It's professional. It's personal. And this is how we do it.

We are responsive.
We are efficient because our clients deserve it.
We take every client request seriously.
We are accessible to our clients because every moment matters.
We take responsibility for our results and how we achieve them.
We work as a team to achieve our clients' goals.

We are caring.
We show dignity, respect and common courtesy.
We help people grow financially and professionally, and we understand that everyone
deserves a rewarding personal life.
We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards because we care about our
We are open and honest, and we make our clients feel comfortable.

We are advocates.
We dig deep to become an expert on behalf of each of our clients.
We deliver value-added services and ideas that exceed client expectations.
We value integrity, initiative, leadership and hard work.
We challenge ourselves to improve everyday.