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Jeffery T. Neff CPA, CPC
Director Emeritus
Indianapolis, IN
Phone: 317-713-7937
Fax: 317-713-7937
Email: jneff@blueandco.com
Joined Firm in 1989


Jeff has 25 years of experience working with healthcare entities in revenue cycle management. Jeff is responsible for directing and performing detailed work associated with development of common chargemasters (CDMs) for hospital systems, CDM coding/pricing analyses, and billing documentation examinations. Jeff has extensive experience conducting compliance reviews for healthcare entities required by the MAC or Federal agencies. In addition, Jeff manages a variety of consulting services related to increasing the efficiency within hospital revenue cycle infrastructures.


Prior to Blue & Co., Jeff was with Indiana University Hospital, Respiratory Care, for seven years, focusing on critical care and department management. He spent four years in the US Air Force specializing in Radiologic Technology.


Jeff's professional and community involvement includes membership in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Indiana CPA Society, American Academy of Professional Coders and Advent Lutheran Church. Jeff is a graduate of Indiana University at Indianapolis (IUPUI).