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TCJA Temporarily Lowers Medical Expense Deduction Threshold

2018 Tax Calendar

These tax credits just for small businesses could reduce your 2017 & 2018 tax bills

State and Local Sales Tax Deduction Remains, Subject to New Limitations

Can You Deduct Home Office Expenses?

Form 1040 Schedule A Overhaul

TCJA Limits the Deduction for Meals, Entertainment and Employee Transportation

Your Individual Tax Debt Can Affect Your Passport

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Simplifying Ohio Municipal Tax

Proposed Tax Reform Released

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Giving Tips, a Post-Election Tax Update, and our Year-End Tax Guide

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Blue & Co., LLC - Tax Planning Guide 2016

Extended Due Dates Approaching Fast, an update on Michigan, and Olympic Fever

Quick Guides: New Federal Overtime Rules & Vacation Home Tax Rules

Tax Alert April 2016

Tax Alert February 2016

President signs the new “PATH Act of 2015”

IN Tax Law Changes

Personal Use of Company Vehicles and Deadline Extended for Avoidance of HC Penalty for Midsize Employers

Repair & Capitalization Regulations

EIN Rules, Charitable Contributions, and Self Insurance Plans' Excise Tax

Indiana Corporate, Personal Income Taxes

Beware of Bogus IRS Emails

Loosened Restrictions to Encourage Plan Rollovers to Roth Accounts

IRS Steps in to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

Indiana Withholding Changes for 2013

Tax-Free Distributions from IRAs for Charitable Purposes

Tax Update: Tax Law Changes for 2013

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