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Over the last several years, dental practices have experienced declines in net income, gross billings, new patient volume, and appointments. These declines can be tied to a number of factors including the economy, unemployment, rising insurance premiums and increased competition. Dentists are looking for ways to increase patient volume, boost margins, improve collections and make their office practices more efficient.


We've helped hundreds of dental practices throughout Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio improve their operations to make them more profitable, valuable and competitive.


Please take a moment to read one of our white papers that detail strategies for leading a financially rewarding dental practice.


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Marcia Lewis

Year End Tax Planning 2013
Ken Barton, CPA
Columbus, OH

Section 179 and bonus deprecation have provided practices with the opportunity to accelerate depreciation deductions — and therefore defer paying taxes — for several years. Currently, both of these provisions are slated to substantially expire at the end of 2013. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to act before the end of 2013 to take advantage of one of these tax saving concepts.



Download "Year End Tax Planning 2013" to read more about your Section 179 and bonus depreciation options

Marcia Lewis

Tips on Becoming a Prosperous Dentist
Marcia Lewis, CPA/PFS, CFP®
Louisville, KY

Financial success does not happen by accident. To achieve your financial goals, you need to take control of your finances and follow sound financial management practices. After all, your financial management habits determine your financial future.


This white paper provides simple tips that can put you and your practice on the road to financial success.


Download "Tips on Becoming a Prosperous Dentist"

Kameron McQuay

Is Now A Good Time to Sell My Dental Practice?
Kameron H. McQuay, CPA/ABV, CVA
Indianapolis, IN

With the majority of Americans unsure about the status of the recession…is it over?…will it double dip?…what's the economic future?…more dentists are turning to their CPAs and other advisors for guidance to decide the right time to cash out of one of the largest, if not the largest, investment in their portfolio.


This white paper provides some basic questions and answers to the question of whether to sell your practice, as well as some incentives to sell in the current economy.


Download "Is Now a Good Time to Sell My Dental Practice?"

Marcia Lewis

The Numbers Behind Your Dental Practice's Performance
Marcia Lewis, CPA/PFS, CFP®
Louisville, KY

While you need to know your practice's net income for the year, you also need to know the meaning behind the numbers so that you can take action, if necessary, to improve your profitability and financial performance.


The first step in maximizing your dental practice's financial performance is to accurately compare your practice's performance to that of your peers throughout the region, and to established benchmarks.


This whitepaper provides an overview of accurately comparing your practice's performance to that of your peers throughout the region, and to established benchmarks.


Download "The Numbers Behind Your Dental Practice's Performance"