Healthcare [ 340B Drug Discount Program ]


The changes included in HRSA’s PROPOSED 340B Drug Pricing Program Omnibus Guidance “MEGA‐GUIDANCE” have created quite a buzz in the hospital community. Additionally, HRSA has promised to increase the number of annual 340B audits each year. Blue and Co., LLC has the expertise to assist your hospital in two key areas related to the 340B Program.

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Revenue Optimization
Blue has a longstanding track record of assisting its many healthcare clients optimizing reimbursement in a variety of ways. Several of our clients have asked for assistance to validate that they are receiving the optimal financial benefit from the 340B program relative to the inherent compliance risks of participating in the program. Blue is offering a Complimentary Financial Analysis of your 340B Retail Pharmacy Program. If you would like one of our 340B consultants to analyze your retail program for possible revenue opportunities, feel free to contact us.

Compliance Services
HRSA will continue to scrutinize the program as it ramps up the number of audits it performs. Blue can assist you navigate through these compliance requirements by offering several compliance related services.
    • Policies and Procedures review
    • Quarterly compliance monitoring
    • Annual compliance audits
    • HRSA mock audits
    • Patient definition review
    • Medicaid duplicate discount review
    • Staff training
    • Third‐party system review and selection
    • New implementation guidance
    • IT data extracts and transfer