2015 Year-End Payroll Letter


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Few business and personal challenges are more frustrating than the IRS Tax Code. Understanding that code, staying abreast of changes to that code and finding opportunities in that code takes a full-time commitment. The tax professionals of Blue have that commitment.


Included in the downloadable 2015 Year-End Payroll Letter you will find the Annual Lease Value Table, Employer Provided Automobile Reimbursement Calculations and the Employer Provided Automobile Fringe Benefit Calculator.


Here are additional important PDF's for your 2015 tax year preparations:


- Individual tax projections and planning - Not-for-Profit tax compliance
- Estate tax planning - Employment taxation
- Retirement planning - Sales and use taxation
- Corporate tax planning - Property taxation
- Employee benefits plans
- Representation before the IRS or other
  tax authorities
- Mergers and acquisitions - Quarterly estimate computations
- Succession planning - Employee benefits administration
- Cost segregation - Employee benefit annual reports and compliance
- Compliance - Reporting and disclosure under ERISA
- Individual federal and state tax
  return preparation
- Plan development and consulting
- Multi-state tax return preparation - International tax
- Corporate tax return preparation - Research and experimentation tax credit
- Partnership tax return preparation - Fixed asset services
- Payroll tax return preparation